Caution: only tested with
MSFS 2002 and 2004

Terrain Mesh provides the sim with elevation information which describes the shape of the earth's surface. The more accurate the source data, the more realistic the earth appears in the sim. The default mesh included with Flight Simulator improves with each version, but better code efficiency allows us to add higher resolution mesh with little impact on frame rates. Much better in some areas.

While the use of such data is not very complicated, some additional knowledge can go a long way toward enriching your flying experience. There is a lot of mesh, and a lot of information about mesh, available on the internet. Very little of this information is well organized, and some of it is not entirely accurate, even conflicting. With this in mind, several key issues concerning mesh development and use are discussed on this site. I hope this information will increase your enjoyment of the mesh available, and of your use of the sim in general.

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Product details: Products are grouped in tables based on source data. Each table Title provides a link to a description of the data used to create the products listed in that table.
(These detailed descriptions are still under construction - your patience is appreciated)

Freeware Products: Click the "d/l" link at the end of the row to start the download process.